Plastic Pants

Adult Diapers and Plastic Pants

Adult plastic pants

are designed for adults to wear especially those who are suffering from a condition called – incontinence. More often than not, you wear them over cloth diapers. The plastic pants and briefs are usually manufactured with an elastic waist and legs in order to keep leakage at bay. Our product lines have various sizes, designs and styles that are ideal for men and women.

Features of Adult Diapers

  • Protection – Your personal needs should always come first thus you need to make sure it can give you adequate protection. Determine whether you have moderate or severe incontinence. If you go for briefs, make sure they provide the proper support.

  • Compatibility – When wearing diapers, an adult needs to consider the compatibility of the cloth or disposable diaper to the clothes that they wear. You might want to consider the bulk of the cloth or nappies when you want to wear it under tight fitting clothes. Briefs are more ideal under tight fitting clothes.

  • Flexibility – Some disposable diapers and plastic pants are easier to pull up and down compared to an adult brief.

  • Sample packages – Because of the variation in sizes, shapes and designs of adult nappies and even briefs, it cannot be avoided that some of those will not complement your body size and shape or lifestyle. There are no single disposable or cloth nappies that everyone can wear perfectly.

  • Perfect Fit – It is important that you wear briefs or other incontinence protection which have a perfect fit to prevent leaking unless you need it for additional protection.

Features of Adult Plastic Pants

  • Vinyl plastic – This is the primary material used to manufacture plastic pants.
  • Elastic waistband – It is important that you check for this feature in order to make sure that they are firmly secured on the waist just like the briefs.
  • Sizes – Adult plastic pants have small, medium, large and extra large sizes which you can choose from. You need to choose one that fits you just right and avoid those that are too tight or too loose.

Our wide range of products allows you to choose different types, styles and colors that are perfect for men and women. The styles for men’s plastic pants usually are boxer shorts type while for women they are similar to panties.

Plastic covered adult diapers are manufactured as disposable while plastic pants are not. In fact, you can even wash them using a washing machine on a gentle cycle. You could also wash them with detergent and hot water.

Whether you need briefs, nappies, plastic pants or disposable diapers, we can provide what you need at the best prices.
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