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In the past, all incontinence products came with plastic outer coverings and for good reason; as it keeps wetness and odor at bay. As technology developed, cloth like outer coverings has become more popular and is utilized in almost every product. In our company, you get to choose among many types of disposable adult diapers, incontinence products and pants for incontinence.

Various Types of Diapers

  • Adult Disposable Diaper – These are ideal when you don’t have enough time to attend to the needs of the elderly in your home. We offer all the best adult diapers in the market for you to wear. They come with either cloth or plastic as an outer covering.

  • Incontinence Pads – For some customers, regular disposable diapers and pants may provide more protection than needed for their incontinence problems. If the issue is less severe, with minor leakage, then incontinence pads are recommended. The pads are thin and are available for urinary and fecal incontinence. They are thin and you can wear them easily and discretely.

  • Underpants – Underpants are recommended when you wear adult diapers in order to provide support, especially for men.

When you buy adult diapers, make sure you consider the following things:

1 – Try Several Sizes

Diapers come in various covers, forms, sizes and weight capacity. You should always buy a few disposable adult diaper samples so that you know which of them works for you. There are people who are more comfortable with pants but there are also those who prefer control pads and other incontinence products made from either cloth or plastic.

2 – Test Out the Comfort Zone

Always check the adult diaper covers when you buy them. This is because it can help you determine whether you will be comfortable or not. If you are in a dilemma choosing and you don’t know which would work for you, buy a smaller package first. We give you the option of buying smaller kits, such as disposable diapers with cloth covers.

3 – Cost-Effective

Let’s face it. Insurance will not cover the cost when you buy disposable diapers for adults. This is all the more reason you should be vigilant when you buy one in order to save money. Our diapers are best for all those who are trying to be comfortable and saving money at the same time.

4 – Odor Control

We all know that most disposable adult cloth diapers have leak guard and odor control but the effectiveness of that depends on the kind of material utilized in manufacturing. Our site gives you the chance to browse various brands to find the best option for each customer.

5 – Get More Information

If you have any concerns regarding diapers, you can contact customer support in order to help you determine your needs.

Adult Cloth Diapers vs. Adult Disposable Diapers

Cloth Adult Diapers versus Adult Plastic Pants

Pants are manufactured to give comfort to those who wear them. The materials used for the pants provide additional protection to resist liquids, thus freeing you from the worry of leaks and stains.

Adult cloth diapers on the other hand may pose discomfort problems especially when you are going out of the home. However, they are useful when the person wearing it has no control over urinating and defecating to which pants may not work for.

We offer you only the best line of disposable diaper and incontinence products that you can choose from. Buy from us and protect yourself from the leaks.

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